Ixcel centre for professional studies is the organisation that represents the student’s interests. The aim is to provide a body that students can identify with, feel a commitment to and be proud of.

Student Leaders

These are student volunteers who represent the views of their fellow students. They bridge the entire student fraternity and the management and give feedback to the institution on the services offered and help to effect change and ensure quality education and services around campus. They are voted in by their fellow students through elections conducted on annually. They work closely with the Institution management to find out the main issues affecting students and work together to address them.

Core Functions of Ixcel
  • To promote the academic development and intellectual growth of the students.
  • To provide for the social and physical welfare of the students.
  • To maintain, improve and promote warm relationships between students, lecturers and staff of the Institute and to enhance mutual trust and confidence among them.
  • To regulate the common affairs of the students.
  • To promote the spiritual growth of the students.
  • To seek, enhance, maintain and protect freedom of conscience, expression and association, academic liberty and all the rights and privileges accruing to students by virtue of their age, status, gender, and citizenship. Generally, to do all other things as may appear to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above cited objectives.Launch demo modal


Ixcel Centre for Professional studies

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