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Ixcel explains the commitment of the staff and students in the endeavour of teaching and learning. Ixcel aims at producing technologists with fundamental academic skills in theory and practice for the advancement of a modern way of life. The faculty and Institution always strive for excellence in our programs. It is our mission to develop professionals with a global perspective, who are willing to take an active role in the progress of science and technology. The faculty encourages international interactions through participation of the students in intellectual discourses with international academicians in the faculty. The Global Outreach Program, a brilliant initiative by the university, provides an excellent opportunity for students to travel and learn from their counterparts from all around the world, allowing for a more potent exchange of knowledge and yes, even on culture. Every single member of the staff aspires to provide our graduates with the skills of learning new ideas; designing and perfecting experimental techniques, as well as performing correct data analysis and critical thinking.  Our goal is to equip you with both the knowledge, skills and self-confidence. So come and join us as we embark on this journey together.

Gateway to your career Development: This is the motto of the Institution and of the faculty as well which brings business and industry to help students achieve their goals and address the workforce development needs of communities. Besides performing the traditional roles of teaching, research and consultancy services, the staff members are also engaged in community service. Staff members regularly take students to visit local communities and institutions, and engage in interactive learning and support. They perform situational analysis and discuss how the members can improve their livelihoods. We pride ourselves in producing graduates who are focused in solving problems for themselves and neighboring communities.

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences of IXCEL comprises the IT and Business Studies Education.

The Department of Business Studies houses several academic programs, which include Office Management, Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism and Information Technology.

The Department of Education also houses several academic programs, which include Education Foundations, Sciences, and Linguistics.

The different academic programs offered at Diploma, Advance Diploma, and Associate Degree levels.  Graduates students can specialize in different options common in their field of study. The academic programs offered at various campuses. The studies are also available by distance and online learning.

The curricula or program of studies developed to judiciously integrate academic rigor and social responsibility. Class work is interspersed with field visits, field projects, and industrial attachments.

You are welcome to learn more about Ixcel Center for Professional Studies and its academic programs.

Karthic Vaikundamani
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