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Computer Science education is a key that can unlock many doors for students who gain early exposure

We love making programming fun for kids!

What is Kids Kido Path Programs and how can we get it in our school?

Kido Path Programs are Computer educations that can be offered before or after school and taught at the school premises. Our Programs are typically funded by the PTA, the parents or a combination of the two. Please talk to your PTA head about bringing us in to in.

Our Vision

Every student in every school have the opportunity to learn computer science. Education must evolve with today’s computing-intensive world. Along with reading, writing, math, biology, physics, and chemistry, understanding the fundamentals of computing is critical to becoming well-educated citizens for today’s Kids. Our goal is to empower the next generation of students to the knowledgeable and passionate about computer science from an early age. Kids who learn collaborative, problem-solving computing skills early in their education will be equipped to become creators rather than just consumers of technology.

Who We are?

We are group of smart, dedicated professional who share a passion for inspiring young people to realize how fun and rewarding computer science can be, and how it can open doors to amazing careers and even solve big societal problems.

Our Approach

Too often students are turned off computing by factors that make the subject seem dull and mystifying. Yet we’ve seen it’s not hard to get kids excited about building cool games and solving difficult problems together. In the process, they learn the theory and tools that make computer science work.

Our approach is to focus on creating a fun, explorative, and collaborative learning environment. We select enthusiastic instructors with a background in teaching and send them through our rigorous training program. Every one of our educators is highly skilled and focussed on creating a classroom environment that inspires girls and boys from every background to get hooked on Computer Science

Our Courses, At a Glance
Programmes Duration
Techno Kid-Level 1 15 Session
Techno Kid-Level 2 15 Session
Digital Graphics-Level 1 15 Session
Digital Graphics-Level 2 15 Session
Office Automation & Internet-Level 1 30 Session
Office Automation & Turtle Graphics-Level 2 30 Session
Creative Computing-Level 1 26 Session
Creative Computing & Scratch-Level 2 30 Session
Physical Computing-Level 1 60 Session
Physical Computing-Level 2 58 Session
Junior Programmer 30 Session
Junior Web Designer 30 Session
Intro to Python 30 Session
Digital Graphics + 2D Animation – Level 3 30 Session
Web Designing + 2D Animation 30 Session
Digital Film Making 25 Session
2D & 3D Animation 35 Session
Fashion Designing 30 Session
Jewelry Designing 30 Session

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